1. Why should I use the services of Gunma Housing Directory?

Relocating can be a stressful and time-consuming undertaking. Having a housing specialist that understands your needs and is well-versed in the housing market in Gunma will take a huge load off your shoulders. Gunma Housing Directory has a team of housing specialists that are skilled, well-trained, and experienced. They ensure that all your needs are met within your specified timeline.

2. What type of temporary housing solutions are available?

We have partnered with a large network of providers which offer a wide range of accommodations such as hotels, condominiums, serviced apartments, rooms, and even mobile homes.

3. What are the amenities included?

Specific amenities such as swimming pool, garages, etc depend on the property. If there are certain amenities that you would like us to find during our search for your accommodations, you may list these in the request form. All properties are fully furnished.

4. How soon can I move in?

After you send your request form, our goal is to find a viable property within 24 hours in emergency cases. If time is not of the essence, the search can take between one to two weeks. You can view our top picks if you wish to have final approval of the property.

5. What are your payment terms?

Our fees will be provided to you right after you send in your request form. We are very transparent about our billing process, and any questions or issues you might have will be speedily resolved. Depending on your preference, we can bill monthly or quarterly. You can also pay for your entire stay up front.

6. Can you accommodate family pets?

Definitely! We have a list of properties in the Gunma Prefecture that are pet-friendly. Keep in mind, however, that some properties will have restrictions on the size or breed of your pet.