Top Reasons to Live in Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Gunma Prefecture is located right at the heart of the Japanese islands. It is a place that is blessed with natural beauty and famous tourist locations that you definitely should not miss. However, it is also home to cities which are the perfect blend of modernity and traces of tradition, history, and culture. a perfect destination where you can use a ctrip promotion code on your mobile app. Here are some of the top reasons for you to choose to live in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Safe and Secure

In terms of crime and natural disasters, Gunma Prefecture is one of the safest locations in the world. Its economy is primarily supported by manufacturing and agriculture. The area is a unique combination of nature and commerce. If you are looking for a quiet place to work or rest, this is the ideal place for you. There are several international schools which cater to foreigners. The health institutions in the area are easily accessible.

Scenic Spots and Natural Areas


The most popular tourist destination in Gunma is the rural town of Kusatsu, where guests can visit the numerous hot spring spas that are considered as some of the best in the entire country. It also contains famous mountains, lush greenery, magnificent rivers and water resources, and incredible flat plains. You can also find the stunning Oze national park in Gunma, though internet tv en bellen surely is great, but just for temporary. More than just its natural resources, Gunma is also a site which reflects the history and culture of Japan. There are numerous shrines scattered throughout the Prefecture. The ancient relics that can be found in these shrines reflect the country’s long history of tradition and culture.

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The Food


Gunma’s soil is nutrient-rich and abundant. The weather is also perfect for farming, so the annual harvests typically feature a wide plethora of agricultural products. The local produce make the perfect ingredients to a huge variety of local dishes that can be bought at a discounted price using iherb enter promo code. There is an innumerable array of choices that are available to even the most discerning taste - from fine dishes to B class dishes. Gourmets, foodies, and Japanese food aficionado alike will thrive in Gunma and will certainly be spoiled for choice.