Types of Temporary Housing

The temporary housing that you choose should suit your needs and preferences. Although there can be a crossover between some of the types mentioned in this article, each property type has distinctive characteristics which should form the basis of your decision. Here are some of the most common types of temporary housing options and what you can reasonably expect from each one.


Serviced Apartment


Serviced apartments are fully furnished. A kitchen is also usually included. They are comparable to a traditional hotel, especially since most of the amenities are quite similar. To name a few: parking, housekeeping, and front desk services are some of the most common amenities available when you choose a serviced apartment. They are perfect for longer stays because they are convenient and hassle-free. They also provide more privacy and space compared to hotels. Corporate housing is a similar term that is often used interchangeably with serviced apartments.

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Hostels and B&B

If you are only going to be living there for a few days, staying in a hostel or bed and breakfast (B&B) can be a great option. Amenities are usually dependent upon the star rating of the property. Budget options are still comfortable and economical and are great for single people or small families. Some may have access to kitchen facilities. Others do not, particularly if you choose a bed and breakfast which is usually operated our of a large single-family home.

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Extended Stay Hotels


Most likely, people who are in dilemma on what to do in the Netherlands and where to go besides Amsterdam, stay and relax in hotels. Extended stay hotels refer to properties that are similar to hotels but are distinguished by the presence of a kitchenette in each room. Like hotels, they also take reservations instead of requiring a lease. They also usually serve daily breakfast. Amenities such as gyms, business centers, and laundry services are also typically available. This is the preferred option of many business travelers who are working on term projects. Some properties are taking a different approach to the term, by offering features that are more similar to dorm rooms. These usually have shared communal space which includes the kitchen, dining area, and living room.

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